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VEEP 360

Individual Clinicians and Clinical Supervisors can now offer Video Communication and Teletherapy as a service to their patients and associates. Gestures, facial expressions, tones of voice, body language, and other visual and auditory subtleties so important in psychotherapy—are rendered with a crispness and immediacy with VEEP 360.  Also, VEEP 360 is encrypted and HIPPA compliant.

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Reach more of Your Patients, Extends Reach, Consult and Collaborate with Colleagues, Increase Your Revenue, Saves your Valuable Time, Save your Patients and Colleagues Valuable Time, Sign-on from any camera and mic enabled PC or Mac



Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protection, Fully Encrypted, Secure Sign-on with: Unique Username, Assigned password, Captcha tool.


HIPAA Compliant, Hi-Trust Compliant, No Shared Protected Health Information(PHI), Business Associate Agreement (BAA)


100% dedicated bandwidth, storage and processing that is both affordable and HIPAA compliant. High Quality Video and Audio

VEEP 360

Built to perform and can help!

Mitigate cancellations

Expand your reach

Easily add family or group members to sessions

(up to 6 people per video session)

Unlimited High Quality Video Sessions

Easy to use for Clinicians and Patients

Works on PC’s, Mac & Mobile devices

Make the most of you and your patients valuable time